Bee Paper Pen Sketchers Pad Review

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In order to create a perfect sketch, what you need is suitable and specifically designed paper. This is where you need an appropriate and durable sketchbook or sketchpad. With the help of a sketchbook, you can easily create the sketches without using other accessories.

However, when purchasing a sketchpad, you have to be careful. There is a wide range of options available on the market, which don’t serve the purpose well. Moreover, you must also consider your specific requirements and preferences when making such a purchase.

To limit your search, we have reviewed one of the most popular sketchpads — the Bee Paper Sketchers Pad is the product we will talk about in this review. So, let’s start with our review without any further delay

Bee Paper Pen Sketchers Pad


If you like sketching, you know how important a sketchbook is when you want to express your ideas of visions on paper. In fact, sketching is the most refined and popular form of art. It serves as the perfect medium to express one’s feelings.

The Bee Paper Sketchers Pad is a great option when you are looking for an affordable and high-quality sketchpad. The best feature of this sketchpad is the color of its sheets. Each of the sheets is available in a natural white color. The paper is specially designed for detail work. Moreover, the overall strength and quality of the paper are also outstanding.

The heavyweight sheets of this sketch paper are perfect for different types of art media, including pencil, ink, pen, or even ballpoint pens.

When it comes to the binding, the sheets are secured with double spiral binding. The paper is reasonably strong and heavy, allowing you to detail the artwork by using needle-like pencil tips.

Who is this product for?

Just like any other sketchpad, this particular product is engineered to meet the needs of artists and painters. With the high-quality paper, you can create masterpieces.

The sketches you do on this paper can be more detailed and refined. Furthermore, you can use all types of pens and pencils without any fear of tearing the paper.

In addition, if you are a traveler and like to keep a record of your travel memories, you can rely on this sketchpad because the high quality of the paper of this sketchpad will preserve your writings for a long time.

What’s included?

The package comes with only the Bee Paper Sketchers Pad, so there is nothing much to talk about this particular aspect.

Overview of features

The Bee Paper Sketchers Pad Pen Sketchers offers high-quality paper, which helps you to draw some fantastic sketches. Moreover, the surface of each page is smooth and comes in natural white color.

Since it’s a heavy-duty sketchpad, the sheets provided with it are also strong and heavy. The sketch paper proves to be an excellent option for most types of media. For instance, you can choose to use a pen, pencil or a ballpoint pen. Each of the sketchpads comes with 50 sheets.


Furthermore, it is also has a double-wire side binding, which gives desired durability and strength to the sketchpad.

This sketchpad is a great choice for pen sketchers. Due to the strength of its paper, you can easily use a pen for creating beautiful and defined sketches.

The surface of the paper is also smooth, allowing the pencil to glide over it. As a whole, this particular sketchpad proves to be a perfect option for almost every sketcher.

However, due to the paper’s thickness, the created sketch is somewhat engraved onto the paper. This makes it hard to remove or erase a specific part of the sketch.

How to use it

Using this sketchpad is simple. Just take the pencil or pen that you want to use and place the sketchpad on an even surface. You can use dry media, but try to avoid watercolors and markers for better results.


  • Perfect option for pen, pencil, and ballpoint pen
  • Durable yet soft paper sheets
  • Affordable sketchpad for beginners
  • Double-wired binding


  • Difficult to erase dark lines



Bee Paper Company Big Black Bee Bogus Pad

When you need a larger and more impressive alternative for the product reviewed above, here is the option to choose. The Bee Paper Company Big Black Bee Bogus Pad, 9 by 9-Inch, is a quality product.

It is constructed with recycled chemical-free materials. Each of these pads is protected with a double wire binding and Eco-Board cover. You can use it with dry media for optimal results.


After taking a close look at the Bee Paper Sketchers Pad, you should be able to determine if this is the one for you. The overall level of its quality and performance is more than enough for sketching purposes.

When it comes to the price, this sketchpad is available at a reasonable and affordable price so beginners shouldn’t have any reservations about buying this sketchpad.

When you need the perfect sketchpad with good quality paper, the Bee Paper Sketchers Pad will serve the purpose well.

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