Best Art Sets of 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Then you will know that there are a lot of elements that go into making the perfect art set. These are fundamental tools for experts, amateurs, and for individuals who just like to dabble in drawing or sketching every now and then.

Incredibly, art sets come in different materials and styles. You are able to find sets for painters or sketchers, as there are kits that fit both types of artists, as well as those that come with a lot of extras. These sets are appreciated by any artist.

Because there is such a wide variety of options, you may find yourself asking, which one you should go with.And because there are a lot of options to choose from, that could make something that is supposed to be fun quite frustrating.

There are some questions to ask: What media do I want to use? Is this a hobby or a career? These questions need to be asked as you scour our guide looking for the right art set.

That is why we chose to put together a guide that will help you determine which set will work for you or your friend’s artistic needs. Within this article, you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Plus, we thought it might be helpful to review some of the best art sets on the market to help you make this process as easy as possible.

Best Art Set Reviews

Comparison Chart

Crayola Frozen Inspiration Art Case, Styles May Vary, 140 Art Supplies, Frozen Gift Set
Art 101 Budding Artist 179 Piece Draw Paint and Create Art Set with Pop-Up Double-Sided Easel
US Art Supply 21-Piece Acrylic Painting Table Easel Set with, 12-Tubes Acrylic Painting Colors, 11″x14″ Stretched Canvas, 6 Artist Brushes, Plastic Palette with 10 Wells
US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Wooden Case with Bonus 20 additional pieces – Deluxe Art Set
Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set

Crayola Frozen Inspiration Art Case


There is no name more prominent in kids’ art than Crayola. Our first set comes from this brand comes in an enjoyable Frozen theme, and holds 140 pieces.

Product Highlights

The perfect art set, no matter if you are an adult or a child, is the one that meets all your needs. Crayola has, for decades, been able to capture the spirit and enthusiasm of children, and this fun set is no different. It captures the child’s imagination by including the following:

  • Multiple art mediums included — colored pencils, crayons, washable markers
  • Contained in a nice organized case
  • Comes with Frozen coloring pages
  • Available in a non-Frozen case as well

The Good

From the variety of media you get within its super convenient and organized case, all the way to the artist it would serve, this set is amazingly versatile. Crayola knows what kids love, and they have put it all together in a durable case that is comfortable and easy to carry from place to place. Plus, the colors are beautiful!

The Bad

There are, of course, a few things you should be aware of when making your decision. The first is that it is very large and will not fit in a majority of bags. The coloring pages are smaller than you would think, as well.

Even with these few flaws, this is a fun and inspiring set for any youngster to get their hands on. Just remember, even if your child isn’t into Frozen, this set is available in its original packaging as well; no need for anyone to be left out.


  • Great for both big and little kids
  • Handle is comfortable to carry
  • Set is housed in a durable case
  • Comes with plenty of bright colors


  • Large case doesn’t fit in most backpacks
  • Paper is too small in size

Art 101 USA 179 PC. Art Set


Our next entry is a 179-piece art set that is designed to stimulate your child’s creativity. Let your child share their love of art with a friend thanks to the double-sided trifold easel and see what amazing pieces of art they can bring to the world.

Product Highlights

When putting together and designing a great art set, there are always considerations and things that have to be included. After designing the media you want to work in, all that is left is to make sure that you find what you need. Art 101 as done that by making sure this set has:

  • Variety of art supplies included in the case
  • Comes in a portable carry case
  • Fitted with bright colors for vibrant artwork
  • Double-sided pop-up easel is built-in


The Good

There are a lot of things that are great about this art set, but perhaps the best thing is its portability. This set can be taken and used anytime your muse takes over.

The easy to use pop-up easel will make it even easier to create the images that have developed in your mind. Then when you’re done, store everything away nice and neat and travel on with your well-made and durable case.

The Bad

Even with all that, there are still a few issues that we feel need to be addressed. The first is the markers. Though beautiful in color and easy to use, they do have one flaw; these markers have been known to dry out quickly. Another problem is that when setting up the easel, there have been some issues with pieces of the set falling out.

There may be a few flaws when you look at this case, but they are definitely not enough to detract from the benefits of the set. Markers can be replaced when dried, and patience and care can solve the other issues, so if this seems like the right fit for you, don’t let these two small issues stop your form investing in this kit.


  • Can be used anywhere (holiday, on a train, at school, etc)
  • Comes with a pop-up easel for added portability
  • Great organization of supplies
  • Set is housed in a nice, sturdy case


  • Issues with markers drying out easily
  • Pieces may fall out when the folding easel

U.S. Art Supply 21 PC. Acrylic Painting Set


This next entry is perfect for the budding Van Gogh in your life. This 21-piece art set comes with everything you need to get your art master up and running.

Product Highlights

Painting can be messy, but so much fun. When focusing on painting in regards to an art set, there are other factors that need to be considered. The folks at U.S. Art Supply understand that and really tried to deliver with this acrylic painting set. They included the following:

  • Comes with 12 acrylic paint tubes
  • Adjustable art easel included an inset
  • Multi-media brushes in packaging

 Mixing palette included


The Good

Though the paint may be a little on the cheap side (we will discuss that in a minute) on the whole this is a very well-made acrylic painting set. It is a great gift or tool for any artist looking to expand into acrylics.

It comes with a portable easel and some very well-made pre-stretched canvas. This means that you will have everything you need to get started as soon as you open the set.

The Bad

There are a few things that could deter some from looking at this art set as a purchase option. The paintbrushes that come with the set are not of the best quality. In fact, they often shed a little, which is not good when painting.

Other than that, the big issues with this set are the paints. Though not universal, there are some complaints about the paint being dry and useless when arriving. The odor is quite strong too, which could be a problem for some.

The value you get can be tarnished with subpar quality. The two main things, the brushes, and paints can be replaced with your favorites, and even with that extra expenditure, this set is still well worth the consideration.


  • Good quality acrylic paint set
  • Comes with a portable laptop easel
  • Premium grade stretched canvas included
  • Suitable for any experience level


  • Brushes are of subpar quality
  • Issues with a strong odor from the paint

U.S. Art Supply 82 Pc. Art Set


This art set is the set that just keeps giving. This set will give the budding artist just enough portability and versatility to keep their imagination on the go.

Product Highlights

Another fine example from the U.S. Art Supply company really hones in on what a particular art set should have. Paying attention to portability and durability, this company crafted a set that comes with these features:

  • Organized into an easy to carry box
  • It comes with multiple media formats – oil pastels, drawing pencils, watercolor cakes, etc.
  • Extras include field sketchbook, watercolor pad, sketch pad, mixing palette and brush set


The Good

This is a set that has so much going for it that we would have been crazy not to include it on our list. It is chock full of extras from the versatile media included in the set to the multiple sketchbooks and accessories included in the crafting of this set.

On top of that, the case it is housed in is durable and designed to keep you organized. So with all that, you can see why the value of this art set far surpasses the price tag that it comes with.

The Bad

The quality of this kit has been called into question. There have been some reports of the case breaking or arriving scratched.

The materials within the kit are all good quality, but the fact that there are some quality control issues may be enough for you to feel like you need to keep looking. It is also much larger than it looks in the picture. This may not be a problem, but if you are looking for a smaller compact option, this is not the choice for you.

Neither of these two faults is in any way global concerns. In fact, there are many that say at least one of them could be viewed as a positive. The fact that the set is larger than pictured really matters if you are dealing with limited space. As for the quality, the pros outweigh the cons, and that’s why we included this set.


  • Comes with multiple extras
  • Includes a small easy to transport sketchbook
  • Strong wooden case is easy to keep organized
  • Price versus value is spectacular


  • Issues with the overall quality of the kit
  • Larger than in the picture

Royal & Langnickel Artist Set


Our last set is an all-media set that comes with a built-in easel. This will keep the arts ready for whenever inspiration hits them.

Product Highlights

Royal & Langnickel is one of those companies that just sound like they would deliver quality products. That is precisely what they did with this fantastic and versatile art set. They made sure that you get everything you want and so much more. Check out what this set has to offer:

  • Organized and compact transportation box
  • Comes with a versatile selection of formats
  • All drawers and lids fitted with latches for better security
  • Storage case converts into a tabletop easel


The Good

This small but mighty set has everything you need fitted into a compact and easy-to-transport case. The set is perfect no matter your experience level and comes with an easy-to-setup easel.

Be prepared, no matter where you are, to capture your vision. The number of quality pieces and the time you will get to indulge your passion makes this an excellent investment.

The Bad

There are a few drawbacks with this set. There are some who have had issues with the paint drying out a little too quickly for their taste. Plus, the drawers may be a little difficult to open at first, but once you have done it a few times, they will loosen up.

Even the best product comes with a few issues, and though none of the two we discussed are consistently mentioned, they are still something to take note of.

Even with those two things, if you can really look at the advantages this set will bring to your art, you will see why we chose it. It offers a wide range of media and a reliable way to get from point A to point B.


  • Easel is easy to set up and use
  • Nice compact size for better portability
  • Good to be used by any age or experience levels
  • Price versus value outshines most of its competitors


  • Issues with paint drying out
  • Drawers may be difficult to open at first

Buyer’s Guide

These sets are some of the best on the market today. We carefully chose each often using select criteria, and though each comes with their own set of flaws, they are still well worth the money.

When we set out to choose the best art sets for you, we really focused on just three factors. These factors are what we feel defines a good art set and would offer you the most bang for your buck. If you are in the process of making your final decision, maybe they will help you out as well.

Here are the factors we considered.


Quality doesn’t always mean quantity, but that can’t hurt. So when you are looking for your art set, make sure to find one that delivers a wide variety of media options.

This will give you quite a stockpile — something that all burgeoning, or even seasoned artists need and want.

Consequently, search for a set which has all shades you will give you the option to lay down lavish and rich colors. If it has pigmented hues and they mix well easily, that is ideal. The colors in your set should not split, chip, or break.


Next, you want your set to be durable. This goes for both the products in the case as well as the case itself. The materials in the set should be made of the best quality materials, as we discussed above.

The paint, if there is paint, should not dry up quickly, nor should the markers. By finding an asset that gives you quality supplies, you will have durability for sure.

In regards to the case itself, you want to look for one that can stand up to everything you throw at it. It should be made of good quality materials and put together with hinges and other fasteners that will be able to open and close a lot without fear of breaking.


Most likely, you want to purchase a set that comes organized in a portable case. This will allow you to take your set any place you need to. If your set comes in a top-quality wooden case that fastens and is designed with a handle, that would be ideal. By choosing one that has all of that, you will get one that is travel-friendly, compact, and simple to transport.

Art Set FAQ

Now that you have some options and a way to choose, you are armed with a lot of knowledge. But even with that, we know there are probably still some burning questions in your head. So we pulled together some of the most commonly asked questions and answered them below. Hope this helps!

Do art materials expire?

There are some art supplies that could last years, even decades, if they’re put away in cool, dry, water/air proof holders. But not all of them. If you don’t treat them well, most of them won’t even be usable in a short time frame.

The truth is that there may not be expiration dates on all of them, but when you are looking at your supplies, if they are more than a year old, it may just be better to invest in some fresh ones.

Are art sets nontoxic?

This is a great question, especially if you are looking for a set for your young artist. The answer really is it depends on the set. There are sets that are designed with only nontoxic supplies included in the case.

However, some of the more professional sets may come with paint thinners or even supplies that may be toxic. The best way to be sure is to read the supplies and warnings on the set before purchasing it.

Are art sets suitable for children?

There are art sets available for all ages. No matter if you are a youngster finding your way to the arts or a middle schooler looking to hone your already-burgeoning skills, there is a kit for you.

Many companies actually gear sets towards youths (for example, the Crayola set we reviewed above). Just look at the supplies included and find a set that matches your child’s skill level and passion.

Why is an art set necessary for kids?

Creative exercises cultivate advancement in a lot of school subjects, and here are some of the advantages that art could bring your child:

  • Stimulates both sides of the brain
  • Builds memory skills, focus, and concentration
  • Creates improved skills in both the maths and sciences

Plus, it allows them to cultivate an imagination that is beneficial to their social and childhood development.

What is contained in an art set?

This is an open-ended question because the answer really depends on the set. There are some sets that focus on wet media like paints. While others may focus on dry media like pencils.

A good set, in our opinion, will have a mixture of both so that the artist will have the versatility of creation. Some sets will even come with extras like paper, brushes, and/or easels.

Final Verdict

All in all, you need to ask yourself … what’s my intent? Are you prepared to draw and outline? Or smudge and mix?

We are confident our guide, and these sets will offer you the ability to improve your skills and enhance your creativity. If you love drawing and painting, then opting for a set is what you should do.

All fundamental and crucial drawing instruments are available in these sets. No matter how old or experienced you are. These sets will make a great gift for yourself or your arty friends; after all, they are easily some of the top art set options out there.

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