Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook Review

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Do you love sketching, drawing, and creating the pictures in your mind’s eye? Then we may have the perfect solution for you. Here we are going to offer a comprehensive and unbiased review of a high-quality sketchbook.

Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook has been designed with artists in mind, and is great for any age for any type of art.

Unlike other cheap options, this particular sketchbook won’t allow the ink to pass through the paper. Therefore, you can use dark colors and even markers to highlight your drawings.

So, what else does this sketchbook have on offer? Keep reading to find out!

Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook


The Crescent Creative Products RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook has patented paper that does not bleed through no matter what drawing media you are using.

Why is this so great? It means that you do not need to waste any of the pages due to transfer. This is a huge plus as it means you are no longer limited to the type of media you use to create the desired artwork.

Who is this product for?

This is an ideal product for any artist who wants a portable yet durable product.

In addition, this Crescent Creative Products sketchbook is also an ideal option for travelers or those who like to sketch on the go. Due to its compact size and durable construction, you can take it wherever you go.

Thank to its portability, it is perfect for school, camping, and traveling in general. It can be used for many purposes — your mind is the only limit.

It is also not limited to adults or artists. If you are a child or teenager who loves to express yourself through visual art, this sketchbook is a great option.

What’s included?

This package comes with the Crescent Creative Products RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook.


Overview of features

When it comes to the features of Crescent Creative Products RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook, there are quite a few features to explore. While it is just a sketchbook, it is highlighted by the quality of the paper, so let’s start there.

This sketchbook comes with revolutionary and versatile paper. The incredible quality and feature of this paper is its ability to prevent bleeding of the ink.

This means that no matter what type of media you are using, the ink won’t bleed through to the page below. What does this mean?  You can use every page in the book.

You can create your sketches and draw on both sides of the paper without any fear of damaging them. In fact, the paper quality is so good that even acrylic washes and markers (solvent-based) won’t bleed through.

Hence, you won’t need to tear out the following page, which you usually do when the ink bleeds onto it. The Smyth-sewn binding makes it a heavy-duty and durable sketchbook.

The hardbound cover of this sketchbook ensures durability while the soft cover gives it a professional yet casual feel.

The overall quality and durability level of this sketchbook is up to the mark, but there is a slight downside too. The paper doesn’t offer much in the way of texture, which may affect the quality of a sketch. However, if you are not too picky about the grain, you should be just fine.

The only other downside is that if you would like to frame your creation or give it to someone, you may have some trouble getting the picture out of your book without damaging the spine.

How to use it

Using this sketchbook is simple. Just choose the pencil, crayon, pen, or other media that you would like to use and sketch whatever comes to your mind.


  • Professional-quality sketchbook
  • Binding is made to last (hardbound)
  • RENDR no-show thru paper technology
  • Works with all types of art media
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Not much texture available on the paper
  • Not spiral bound for easy paper removal


Strathmore Tan Drawing 400 Series Toned Sketch Pad


If the above sketchbook isn’t quite what you are looking for, then the Strathmore Tan Drawing 400 Series Toned Sketch Pad may suit you better.

With this sketchpad, you can enjoy creating some outstanding sketches. This is so, as it comes with toned paper, which gives a unique look to every sketch. Moreover, it is affordable and made of recycled materials.

If you are looking for a high-quality sketchpad that you can take along wherever you go, this may be an option for you.


To conclude, the Crescent Creative Products 8.5×11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook is a quality product. The overall quality of this sketchbook justifies the price.

Its no-show-thru paper allows you to use every page of this sketchbook. Moreover, you can use any type of art media when you are creating your masterpiece.

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