How to Design a Sketchbook Cover

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Sketchbooks are often a reflection of their owners and are a visual diary that describes their owner’s thoughts, emotions, and creative process.

A great way to personalize them is to customize their covers and transform them from a simple sketchbook into an art journal. Here are some ways on how to design a sketchbook cover.

Representing Your Style

A great way to really personalize your sketchbook is to design its cover using the same style you draw or paint in. The design does not need to be overly complicated; in fact, simple is often more visually appealing than intricate designs.

If you are someone who often draws fantasy characters, you could draw your favorite character on your sketchbook cover, or, if you paint still lifes, you could paint a simple scene onto your sketchbook’s cover. The possibilities really are endless, and there are no wrong choices when it comes to art.

Decorating your sketchbook cover in your art style is not only a great way to showcase your talent and hard work, but can also keep you motivated, as you will see the type of work you are able to create every time you look at your sketchbook.

Finding Decorative Products

Perhaps you fancy a more DIY, homemade look to your sketchbook cover. If there is one thing to keep in mind about decorating your sketchbook cover, it’s that there is a multitude of decorative items that you should consider when you decide to decorate the cover of your sketchbook.

All you need to do is open your mind and have the confidence to try out new things, like burlap, fake flowers, or sketchbook stickers. It is crucial that you collect an array of items that can work well together, especially considering that they will be the first things you see when you pick up your sketchbook.

You will want to make sure that everything on your sketchbook cover is cohesive and that everything falls into place seamlessly.

Once you have gathered the things you want to put onto your cover, you will want to collect some things that are not as fun but are just as essential. These are things such as Mod Podge, which allows you to affix things to the front of your sketchbook permanently.

How to Design a Sketchbook Cover

You could always just use super glue or a hot glue gun if you are not comfortable with using Mod Podge or the adhesives that come with the other items you have bought. However, do keep in mind that hot glue and super glue can look quite messy if not used with caution.

It is probably also a good idea to get hold of a pair of tweezers and a paintbrush, as these two things can make it easier to fit your items onto the perfect spots without getting your hands dirty.

Plan the Design

This is quite an important step, as, without it, you will inevitably end up disappointed in your sketchbook cover. Once you have everything you need to decorate your cover, you are going to want to plan the design before you begin placing things on the cover.

It is vital that you remember that with most of the adhesives, it will be pretty much impossible to rearrange the decorations once you place them on your cover, at least without damaging them and the cover. You will want to draw up some inspiration and figure out the perfect placement for everything you plan on putting on the cover.

Design Ideas

Here are a few design options to get you started.

Geometric Crafting Tape

This is a bit of a time-consuming design, but the result is well worth it. By taking the time to get a hold of five or six different types of crafting tapes, with different designs and colors that are cohesive, you can cut geometric shapes out of the tape and place them onto your sketchbook cover in a repeating pattern.

Glittered Spine

This is for artists who like to make an unforgettable impression. Adding some glitter to Mod Podge and painting it on the spine of your sketchbook will give it some pizazz without being too obnoxious.

Sketched Cover

If you want the world to behold your sketching abilities, there is nothing better to do than to create a cover design made from your sketches. This is probably the most straightforward design on the list, as all you need is your regular drawing tools. Just ensure that you use a medium that will show up on the cover.

Final Thoughts

There is no wrong way to decorate your sketchbook cover, and every different cover is a representation of the artist and their creative process. Just design something that makes you happy, as you’ll probably be looking at it for a while.

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