Strathmore Tan Drawing 400 Series Toned Sketch Pad Review

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In this article, we are reviewing one of the best options. The product we are going to review here is the Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Pad. So without any further ado, let’s dive into our review section.

Strathmore Tan Drawing 400 Series Toned Sketch Pad


The Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Pad is a perfect choice if you love to use light and dark media. With this ability, you can easily use different dry media such as graphite, chalk, and charcoal.

It’s an environmentally friendly product, which is made with 100% recycled materials. Each of the sketchpads comprise 50 sheets. In addition, all the pages come in a uniform size of 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches.

Who is this product for?

If you like to create and store all your sketches in a specially designed sketchbook, this is the perfect choice for you.Moreover, this sketchpad is equally beneficial for those who want to take notes and doodle while traveling.

This is a sketchpad, which allows you to remove the page after creating a sketch due to its micro-perforated sheets.

What’s included?

The package comes with 1 Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Pad. There is nothing much to expect from the package, as it’s just a sketchpad.

Overview of features

The mid-tone background of this sketchpad allows the artists to create more impressive and vibrant sketches. It also helps to use the shades in a better way.

This is because you can use a wide variety of values ranging from dark shadows to light highlights. The best part of this sketchpad is the use of 100% recycled materials during its production.

The paper used is acid-free and environment-friendly. Moreover, it also has 30% of the post-consumer fiber. When it comes to durability, it offers a sturdy and easy-to-use ring binding.


At the back, a heavy clipboard supports this sketchpad. This allows the artist to take advantage of this sketchpad for an extended period.

With its true-to-size micro-perforated sheets, you can easily remove the page after completing the sketch, so there will be no more annoying leftovers of the torn pages.

In addition, its toned paper serves as an ideal option to use light and dark media. For instance, you can easily use charcoal, chalk, graphite, sketching sticks, colored pencils, and white gel pens.

Besides all these advantages, there is a downside which relates to the bleeding of the ink through the sheets. As a result, you can only use this sketchpad while creating sketches with dry media.

How to use it

No matter whether you are a professional artist or just learning this art form, the most important thing is the selection of a suitable sketchbook.

With the availability of so many options on the market, it may turn out to be confusing for some to make a choice.

The overall quality of paper and ring binding allows you to use this sketchpad on a regular basis. If you don’t use wet media, it will serve as a great option to consider.

However, you can use markers to highlight sketches, but his may prevent you from using both sides of the page as the ink may bleed through the sheet.

Owning a sketchbook or sketchpad is more than essential for almost every artist who likes to draw and sketch.


  • True to size, micro-perforated sheets
  • Supported with heavy clipboard backing
  • Easy to use ring binding
  • Offers a sufficient number of sheets
  • Available in Warm Tan and Cool Grey paper
  • Highly affordable sketchpad
  • The best option for using dark and light media


  • Cannot use multiple art media


Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook


When you need an alternate option, just take a look at the Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook.

This particular hardbound sketchbook comes with an impressive and innovative no-show thru paper. This patented paper tends to prevent the ink from bleeding through and damaging the other sheet.

Therefore, it would serve as a great option if you want to use both sides of a page. Due to this feature, this particular paper is referred to as no-show thru paper.

It also allows you to use almost any kind of art media. With this paper, you can easily create the desired sketch or drawing by using different types of colors.

As a result, you don’t even need a blotting paper to remove the excess ink. As a whole, this particular sketchbook is the perfect choice to meet all your sketching needs.


In this review, we have tried to mention the features and highlights of the Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Pad. After reading the review, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to make a choice.

In fact, this product is made of quality materials, which are environment-friendly and less expensive. The overall feel and texture of this paper are amazing, allowing you to draw some outstanding sketches.

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